The mission of NWI K9 Search and Recovery, Inc. is to provide qualified, certified canine handler teams to assist first responders in locating missing and deceased individuals. This service is provided at NO COST to first responders or the general public. NWI K9 personnel provide hope to families of the missing and closure to the families of the deceased. Our volunteer canine/handler teams are experienced and knowledgeable and are available to respond to local incidents and national disasters upon request.

NWI K9 adheres to nationally and state-organized standards and certifications to ensure the highest quality resources available. Our members receive continuing education at local, state, and national levels. Our teams are continually training and learning in an attempt to provide the most professional, knowledgeable personnel possible. We provide awareness programs and educational opportunities to the general public and take part in public service projects in an attempt to assist the communities we serve.


We serve all of the neighboring communities of Northwest Indiana and the Greater Chicagoland Area.


NWI K9 Search and Recovery, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our services are provided at NO COST to the first responders or the general public. Your donations will go towards training, maintaining, and deploying our certified search and recovery teams. Thank you in advance for your support!