Human Remains Detection Dogs (AKA “Cadaver Dogs” or “HRD Dogs”) provide a vital service to search & rescue organizations and law enforcement agencies by detecting the presence of human decomposition in any location, including inside structures, under the water, and buried under the ground.  People of all backgrounds and dogs of all breeds take part in search and recovery.  Dogs are trained to detect human remains – there is no one breed of dog that is preferred over another to take part in this activity.  However, handlers wanting to perform recovery work with their dogs should ensure their dogs know basic obedience and are not aggressive toward people or other dogs.


Joining a SAR unit provides the satisfaction of assisting families with missing loved ones, providing closure to those families, and raising public awareness of missing person cases.

Please read our 'New Applicants' document to learn more about the requirements to join our group. If you're interested, please contact us for an application.